Central Park Oct 2018

In another life…
we turn left, instead of right.

In another life,
we’d linger past the moonlight.

We might stay up all night and watched the sunrise
from the rooftop…
instead of saying good night.

Perhaps in past lives, we crossed paths and kept going…
maybe sharing a small smile in the encounter.

In the next passing, perchance a glance back…
did you look again too?

Undoubtedly, as our fore bearers intersected,
saw something in each other’s eyes.
A spark of something rare that ignited an essence within.

In our next lives, possibly, a longer hello…
noticing the magic sooner than before.

Maybe hanging on longer,
as you turn to go from the museum.
Realizing art wasn’t just on the walls.

Imaginably, I will kiss you before you leave,
as we stand face to face on the street
extending time together past a three hour lunch.

In another life,
we’d turn inward, not out.

In another life,
we won’t stay apart as long.

Recognizing the connection,
far sooner than before.

A whole lifetime to experience
the potential…
to be with someone,
your muse,
inspiring you to reach beyond your dreams.

Like a Carole King song,
the ones full of hope and connectedness.

We’d understand it isn’t serendipitous,
it’s kismet, can’t you see?

It may take another life for us to have the time,
but for now…
in this life,
it’s enough to know.

Moments, albeit brief…
like a black and white snapshot capturing carefree days.
That lasted a short time,
live like a film reel in your heart.

The voice on the other end of the phone…
that sounds inviting and assuring,
like hot chocolate and inspiration and all things possible.

Remind me to turn right,
and linger,
and stay…
in the next life.

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