Mother’s Day Musings Redux

Cecilia Wessinger
3 min readMay 12

I posted this story on my Facebook notes a dozen years ago. Since then, I have navigated the world as a motherless child and become a grandmother. Time does not make it easier, you simply get used to missing the person whose heartbeat was the first sound you ever heard.

My first Mother’s Day following my mom’s death. As bittersweet as it is, serves as a reminder to thank the people in your life that make a difference often; not just on a Hallmark inspired date. I see and hear accolades, praise and endearment for moms….I also read an article my friend posted stating why Mother’s Day sucks ( Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day either. Holidays and greeting cards filled with generic sentiments feel hollow to me, perhaps it’s the melancholy on days like this, when you’re ‘supposed to’ pay homage to the person that birthed you, kissed your boo boos, wiped your tears and snotty nose….the one who stood up at the school recital and clapped far too long for comfort, who made you wear the sweater cause the temperature fell below 60 degrees. But we know that not all mothers are maternal, nor are all ‘mothers’ female or related to you. That person, the one who comes to mind when this day draws near, is special no matter the title. It’s that person who should be reminded how much they mean to you….not just today.

Perhaps these landmark dates came about, because we all got busy. There’s not enough time in our hectic schedules to take a moment and just say something meaningful to someone. Then the commercial comes on and reminds you to go get something… a card, flowers, some gift that relays the message that you care. Don’t get me wrong, a card, flowers, a gift is nice….I would never turn them down (I’m not crazy, lol); but I find what most people truly want, is a moment. A precious little piece of time spent with someone who matters. Sharing yourself is the greatest gift, followed by words you compose to say what’s in your heart.

I don’t really think Mother’s Day sucks (Valentines is up for debate), Christmas/Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa, and the like; if that’s what it takes to set aside a moment for us to think about the people in our lives, then it’s a good thing. I’m thankful for Facebook in that regard- it gives me an opportunity to know what’s going on in your lives- good, bad or…well, some of you, I’m still wondering about, but I’m thankful nonetheless. It’s easier to post a note, pm or just simply ‘like’ that says for this moment in time…

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