As the seasons change and life shifts

There is not a lot of time

as I move about my day

So much to be done

duty calls

But throughout my day, I take pause

And think of a little joy.

The future is hard to configure

and plan

and know

Hope can be challenging

when so much is at stake

Will I do the ‘right’ thing?

Will I keep all the plates spinning?

What if I forget?

What if I screw up?


Think of magic moments created in the past

The ones that turned out right anyway

The scrumptious restaurant discovered when the other was full

The secret spot in the park hidden from view

An afternoon playing hooky in a museum

A three hour lunch when the world took a backseat

A stormy day at the beach, watching waves in the wind

Walking hand in hand with a loved one

Build on that foundation with little joys and small steps

A warm cup of coffee watching the sunrise

Picking a fig off a tree you planted

A backrub

Sharing sushi

Talking with someone who listens all night

A project well done

Listening to a song that brings a smile

Know, with this resume you can aspire to more

Beaming proudly as your child receives their diploma

Dancing at their wedding

The sound of grandchildren’s laughter

A trip to the Maldives

Or perhaps

just knowing

there is opportunity



a little joy

along the way.

Community & Ecosystem Builder, Collaborator, Catalyst, Speaker/ Facilitator. Lover of words, ideas and people.

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