from Maggie Hos McGrane Blog

Hovering in the space between now and next

Pondering life, the universe and everything

Teetering betwixt the known and what’s possible

My mind weaves like a dancer’s arms

Articulating a story


Ebbing and flowing in unheard rhythm

As my hand rises and sways

I can feel a phantom one touching mine

Mirroring like mimes

Anticipating direction

Trusting movement and momentum

Curious where minds go

In this quiet time amidst departure and arrival

Circling in a holding pattern until there’s a signal

Wondering which runway awaits

Comfortable in knowing the sensation of wheels on the ground

Familiar and assuring

Like coming home

Ambivalence and insecure questioning seeps in

Filling the hush

Like fog setting in

Darkness covering the path

Unsure how to navigate and where to go

Perhaps landing in a place not fully explored

Yearning to revisit where timing seemed out of sync

Holding my breath

Anticipating loss without rhyme or reason

Maybe there was nothing left unseen

Shaking one back to reality, purposefully infusing hope

Where fear bred

Back to the place of opportunities

Curious to explore

The profound mystery of loving

At the same cadence as another

Alignment, equal in parts and depth

Invitation forming

Bold and intentional

To seek widely and freely


Like novice skaters stepping out on the ice for the first time

Being offered a hand

Holding onto one another for support and assurance

Tasting new flavors with your whole mouth

Aroma fills the air

Kaleidoscope of mesmerizing colors

Hint of a tune, humming along

Savoring with all senses

Discovering new ways of being that have only lived in dreams

Stretching wide, taking off the training wheels

Unbuckling the safety harness and free falling

Swimming fast, too far ahead

Losing sight of the shore

Slowing back down

Floating on my back to catch my breath


Trusting the water to keep me buoyant

Understanding that by being less tense

I won’t drown

Creating an island of sanity

Wherever the current leads

Knowing it will be a good place

Getting where we are meant to be

At a suitable time

In whatever manner is appropriate

The wishes your heart made

Lifted up into the universe

Get answered in their own way

Being open to receiving

Not rushing to press “play”

Sitting in the ambiguity of pause

Suring my footing

Looking at the moon

Clearing clutter

Making space for what’s emerging

Doing what’s needed

To be able to get there

In due time.

Community & Ecosystem Builder, Collaborator, Catalyst, Speaker/ Facilitator. Lover of words, ideas and people.

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