Photo by Aung Soe Min on Unsplash

Life is truly what happens when you’re busy making plans

Sometimes they go accordingly

Timing precise and in tune

Then there’s a glitch, a hiccup, a pause

At times it’s incidental, others monumental

Just because these happen

Does not mean we are flawed

Not broken, not failed

No blame, no shame

It is not simple or easy or insignificant

It will take time, and effort and grace

To unravel and unwind and find a new pace

Balance patience, self care and settle into the space

Be mindful not to squander precious time nevertheless

Bid some adieu and wish them well

Know there is a future, not just a past

Trust in the process

You are not alone

Regardless the distance

No matter the outcome

Though nothing is promised

There is hope

Just because it is over or has come full circle

Does not mean it is done

The journey of arriving has gotten us here

With memories and lessons and unique experiences

A tapestry of woven moments

I was once told things happen

for a reason, a season, a lifetime

No promise of happily ever after

The next chapter is not yet written

Turning the page is not effortless

But how else will we know

What magic lies ahead

The possibilities and opportunities

Wiser than we started

With gifts of once was

Rising anew

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