I walk through the door…
and the world behind me melts away
Warm smile greets me
with open arms

Wrapped in a strong, but gentle embrace,
lips touch and the soft familiar feeling enshrouds
like sunshine as cloud cover lifts.

Slowly bodies contour
as we rediscover chemistry and each other

Taste of your tongue
feel of your body
pulse quickens
temperatures rise

Years wash away and we’re teenagers again

A quiet sanctuary, common and unfamiliar
serves as an oasis
apart from the everyday
responsibilities, commitments, expectations

Rhythms orchestrated by two,
hands and hearts intertwine
in a symphony of movements
unrehearsed, silent and in sync

Outside, it’s an ordinary day; in the sanctum, time stops

Making the most of moments
precious few
cherished and sweet
etched for remembrance

So much to say
no need for words

Then the three…
spoken out loud,
vulneragiously shared

A glimpse of what’s possible
essence of potential
imaginable and uncharted
but enough…for now

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