In the solitude of an empty house, my mind wanders to comfortable places far away

I open my Pandora’s Box of stolen moments

Each precious gem held up and examined

Viewing each facet with new admiration

Searching deep for the glimmer that reminds me of bliss

Sometimes my retrospection floods into my conscious mind

Like a river unleashed amidst a rainstorm

Other times like the morning dew accumulating imperceptivity

Emanating into a drop barely detected had it not been anticipated

I let my mind wander at times to the precarious place of imagination

In a world constructed without encumbrance

As seen through the lens of youthful innocence

The ‘what might have beens’ and possibilities if you were the only people in consideration

Then the doubt and grounding

Reminding of responsibilities and grown up ways that repress untethered thoughts

Concern about issues, real and imagined

Down the rabbit hole of dark, fearfulness and bewilderment as to whether anything is true

All these musings unexpressed

Journeys halted

Insatiable cravings unfulfilled

The miles in between

Words unspoken

Touch unrequited

Taking a breath…

Coming back into the current moment

Understanding that unraveling came from a single strand…

From fabric, tangible and true

Wrapped around a treasured moment well lived

Community & Ecosystem Builder, Collaborator, Catalyst, Speaker/ Facilitator. Lover of words, ideas and people.

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